In 1945 Vertex was commissioned to make an ' Ordnance timing watch' for the British War Office.
This was developed in conjunction with Lemania using their in house movement. 
When the war ended, Vertex being a British company was restricted by rationing on how many movements it could import, and were therefore prompted to change their focus to civilian watches - the Mono Pusher was never made. 
Now 73 years later Vertex has chosen to re-imagine the ‘Mono Pusher’ with a brand new movement by 
Sellita (SW510MP).  The timing Chronograph will be available as either a manual (limited to 200 pieces) or as an automatic (limited to 200 pieces). 


  •  Hand Wound, Custom ETA 7001 mechanical movement with rhodium finish and Cotes de Geneve decoration.
  •  Moulded Super-LumiNova ® dial
  •  Brushed steel 40mm case, box crystal glass, waterproof to 100m.
  •  Packaged in a Peli case with two straps - a black leather two-piece strap, with contrasting red lining and a bespoke nylon NATO-style strap in Admiralty Grey. 
  •  Available by referral and to owners of the original W.W.W. watch or serving military personnel. 

The M100B Covert Chronology

DLC or Diamond Like Carbon, uses a form of carbon which is blasted onto the surface and then rapidly cooled.  It’s very similar to the way synthetic diamonds are created, hence the name. The resultant finish is extremely hard-wearing and perfectly complements the brushed finish of the M100. 


Founded over a century ago by Claude Lyons in London’s jewellery heartland, Hatton Garden, Vertex quickly grew to become one of the most successful watch companies in Great Britain.

During the Second World War the British Military selected Vertex, along with eleven other leading watchmakers, to supply the army with a new watch built to an exacting bespoke design. The specifications were precisely what you would expect of a military watch - waterproof, luminous, regulated to chronometer level and rugged. On top of that, the dial needed to be black with arabic numerals to maximise legibility.

This select group have became known as the ‘Dirty Dozen’

“As a child I was captivated by these watches. The way they were used to time truly decisive moments with the most profound implications fascinated me.”

Don Cochrane is the great-grandson of Claude Lyons and proud owner of Vertex Watches. His passion is to continue his great-grandfather’s legacy and pay tribute to these watches through the new Vertex M100.


Vertex returns us to a more virtuous era. When actions spoke louder than words. When a reputation opened doors. When a gentleman’s word was his bond. When, in the words of Vertex’s original catalogue, it was ‘safe to judge by appearance, for the same standard applies throughout’.

Simple, elegant, dependable. Three words that describe not only those times, but also the Vertex M100. Its precise Swiss movement relying on the wearer’s winding it by hand to ensure it keeps perfect time.

The Vertex watch company and all it stands for – the proudly-held reputation, the uncompromising quality, the rugged elegance – are all present and correct in the new M100.